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Moving Bridge for ArtistS

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"The wisdom of bridges comes from the fact that
they know both sides, they know both shores."



I lived the first half of my life in Japan and the second half in the U.S., traveling constantly between the two countries in order to perform my job as a professional dancer, educator and choreographer. 


I am familiar with both languages and cultures but, most importantly, I have demonstrated abilities and knowledge of how people in the art and entertainment business go through their process of creating and producing, what they need and what their purpose is.


Thanks to my background and industry experience in both the U.S. and Japan, I understand the untapped potential of seamless international exposure in the dance world between the two countries. 

In this scenario, my mission is to build a two-way bridge linking creators and artists by providing an easy access to collaborate with clients and peers within the performing arts business.


-assisting during pre-production and creativeprocess.

-delivering choreography and dance work.

-conducting and/or assisting the auditioning phase.

-conducting and/or assisting rehearsal process.

-facilitating communication and artistic exchange. 

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